kakao u prahu

kakao u prahu

(Theobroma cacao)

The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao – ‘the food of the gods’) is native to tropical America and can grow up to approximately thirty feet tall. The tree yields fruit in its fourth year in the form of dark red or brown pods. These pods, in turn, yield up to fifty seeds.

These seeds are fermented, which removes their bitterness. They are then cleaned, roasted and cracked to remove their hard shells. These 'cocoa nibs' are ground to a thick, oily paste called chocolate liquor.

Chocolate liquor is subjected to high pressure to separate the cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

The fat-free, powdered residue is cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder contains a residue of cocoa butter, giving it a soft texture. It is rich in antioxidant polyphenol (flavonoid) content; higher than in some fruits and vegetables. We use cocoa powder in face masks in which these qualities are beneficial for the skin.

We use cocoa powder in our Ma Bar Bubble Bar for its softening properties.

Our Cupcake fresh face mask contains this cocoa powder, which adds its colour, and works with the rhassoul mud and fresh mint to cleanse the skin.

Cocoa powder is an ingredient in our Soft Coeur massage bar, which blends extremely well with the cocoa butter base and conditions the skin.