svježi sok mandarine

svježi sok mandarine

(Citrus nobilis)

Mandarins are found on evergreen trees, which may grow up to 6 metres tall, belonging to the Rutaceae plant family. It has green leaves, white flowers and orange fruits. Though native to China, this plant is now cultivated across Europe.

We buy our mandarins from Italy and Spain throughout the year.

Mandarin gets its name from its traditional use as a gift to the Mandarins.

This oil is one of the more gentle oils and is called ‘the children’s remedy’ in France.

The mandarin juice shares its properties with the mandarin oil (Citrus reticulata) obtained from the fruit’s peel. It has been used for years to soothe the skin, freshen dull skin and to lighten the mood.

Once we have freshly squeezed the juice from the fresh fruit, we add it straight into our products.

Fresh mandarin juice is refreshing toning on the skin.

In The Olive Branch Shower Gel, the juice refreshes and cares for your skin.