Sand is formed through the breakdown of rocks into small particles through the wear and tear of air, ice and water. All sand contains small amounts of semi-precious minerals, including garnet, tourmaline and topaz.

Very pure varieties of sand are used in glassmaking and pottery as a source of silica.

Ordinary sand is used in the preparation of cement and concrete.

Sand accumulates in beaches, deserts and at the mouths of mountain canyons. Dry sand is blown by wind, which sometimes creates migrating sand dunes, or fan-shaped formations.

Rowena was inspired by how Brazilian women used sand to buff their skin on the beach. This lead to the creation of Sandstone soap. Using sand as a scrub brings back memories of happy summer holidays.

Exfoliating the skin is stimulating, clears off dead skin cells and improves circulation. This leaves the skin smooth and glowing with health.