nori alge

nori alge


Nori (Porphyra tenera) or ‘laver’ is classified as red seaweed, but it is bright lavender in the water. When dried, it becomes deep purple to black, but turns green when cooked or toasted. The best quality nori has a deep colour and a brilliant lustre.

Dried nori is 48% protein, higher than soybeans, milk, fish and poultry. It contains more vitamin A than carrots, and is high in vitamin B, C and D.

Nori is a good source of calcium, iron, potassium, and iodine.

Around the coast of the U.K., laver bread is made from flour and laver, traditionally. In Wales, it has been served coated in oatmeal for breakfast.

In Japan, it is used in sushi wrapped around rice balls, or lightly toasted and cut into strips as decoration. It can also be chopped and added to soups and salads.

We use dried sheets of nori seaweed harvested in Japan.

We use nori seaweed in our Seanik solid shampoo bar for its softening effect on the hair. With refreshing sea salt and Irish moss seaweed, it’s like a little piece of the ocean.

Our Aqua Marina cleanser is wrapped in a sheet of nori seaweed, and contains Irish moss seaweed, to soften the skin.